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The Bryce Farms Story

We Won’t Provide a Product or Service That We Ourselves Wouldn’t Use! The Bryce family has long held its roots in farming and recently has fulfilled a dream from the early days, the opportunity to pass the farm to the next generation.  Back in the 1950s, my grandparents started farming in Glenwood, MN. Grandpa grew

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Combine Inspection Report

Combine Sales: Carpe Diem

On our family farm, harvest is a fun time of the year. If you were to pick a favorite place to be, it would have to be in the combine. For our parts and service departments at the dealership, you better be going after those combines for the inspection programs. They were fantastic for helping

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When Should You Have Your Ag Equipment Appraised? There are times in every farmers life when you will need to make difficult decisions about your farm operation. You might have to decide how to fairly pass the farm to the next generation, or you might have to dissolve a partnership or form a corporation. These

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Farm Equipment Inspection FAQ

You asked, we answer! Over the last few months we have written many posts about how extended warranties help farmers and dealers manage risk, fix costs, and protect their bottom line. Along the way we have mentioned the importance of equipment inspections but have not yet devoted a post specifically to the benefits that they

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