The Risk of Buying and Selling Used Farm EquipmentDSC_0154 (2)

If you are dealer or a private party, buying and selling used farm equipment can be a risky business for your bottom line. One thing that all parties involved agree on, is that no one wants to pay for a repair once the deal has been made. So who should pony-up for fixes on a used piece of equipment that was just recently driven off the lot or bought online from someone you don’t know?

If you buy John Deere from a John Deere dealer or Case from a Case dealer, often the dealership will help cover some of the costs, to keep good customers happy, this is one of the benefits of buying from a dealer.

But what if you found a great deal online and bought a red tractor from a green dealer, or a blue tractor at an auction or a yellow one on craigslist and something goes wrong?

Who GETS stuck with the bill, and who SHOULD get stuck with the bill, usually have two different answers. Who gets stuck with the bill? In these situation it is usually the buyer who is going to have to pay for the repair. But the answer to the “who should” question might surprise you, because we think neither the buyer nor the seller should have to foot the bill. This is where Machinery scope and a Machinery Scope Extended Warranty not only saves your bottom line from costly repairs, but protects your relationships too!

Say a problem occurs that was unknown at the time of sale but rears its head 25 hours into using the piece of equipment. No one wants to pay for someone else’s problems, and both the buyer and seller believe for good reason that it is the other person’s issue and they should take care of it. This can challenge the strongest buyer/seller relationship and forces them into an uncomfortable dance. Pride and stubbornness often lead to a stalemate that can ruin longtime friendships and sever loyalties gained over years and sometimes decades.

This tango is much like a middle school dance scene where awkward pre-teen boys and girls stand pressed to opposite walls. Neither wants to budge as they don’t want to be seen as weak by the other gender or their peers, but deep down both the boys and the girls desperately want to meet in the middle. What if a chaperone was willing to step in, snatch one boy and one girl by the hand, and guide the two parties together. Neither party has to take the first step forward, because the chaperone has stepped in and taken the pride and stubbornness out of the equation. With a Machinery Scope Warranty and Machinery Scope acting as the chaperone, no one has to make that first awkward/risky step to the middle because the equipment is covered. No one has to dole out cash for the repair, leaving both parties relaxed and satisfied knowing that everything will be taken care of.

If you are a dealer, consider partnering with Machinery Scope. Let us help protect the valuable relationships that you have cultivated over the years.

Farmers, just because you got a great deal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the opportunity to protect yourself from costly repairs.

For more information or to get a free quote, give us a call or fill out the form on our website. If you are in the market for used equipment, be sure to check out our inspection services as well. They can also save you from inheriting someone else’s problems!