Equipment Inspection Reports

Equipment Inspection Reports

Do you need an equipment inspection report and are too busy to travel and look at it? Machinery Scope has you covered with a basic and advanced inspection reports to give you peace of mind when buying or helping to sell your equipment with ease.

Basic Equipment Inspection Report

A basic equipment inspection report will verify the integrity of the equipment through visual inspections, taking pictures, verifying the make, model, serial number, and more. Contact us for more details on rates and availability.

Advanced Equipment Inspection Report

An advanced equipment inspection report will be performed by individuals with a minimum 5 years of job experience as service technicians or equivalent industry experiences.

Allow us to take the risk out of buying. Advanced inspections will also increase the confidence of the buyer by knowing the machinery has been inspected by highly qualified professionals.

Sellers Benefit

Get what you deserve. Consider including an advanced inspection of your equipment to increase the confidence of the buyers in the quality of your equipment.

Buyers Benefit

As equipment becomes much more advanced and complicated, put your trust in an advanced inspection report.  The equipment will be thoroughly inspected by experienced field service technicians. We will run the equipment, remove covers and shields, do a field test on the fluids, and more. Our Machinery Scope advanced inspectors will document all of our findings in our easy to read advanced inspection report.

Sample Equipment Inspection Report

Please reference our sample inspection report for an advanced equipment inspection.

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Combine Inspection Report
Equipment Inspection Report
Grain Cart Equipment Inspection Report

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Machinery Scope has become a major resource for me on how I buy, sell, and manage my farm equipment. They have integrity in everything they do, their word is good, and what they tell you is how it is and they will make sure it will happen that way. Their vast knowledge of machinery has helped me make better decisions and improve the return on investment of my farm equipment.


Minnesota Farmer

Machinery Scope wants to help farmers and the ag industry alike by offering common sense solutions to help minimize the risk associated with ag equipment investments


South Dakota Dealer

Machinery Scope has been a great resource for us and the farmers that we work with. They are detailed, timely, and know their way around farm equipment quite well.


North Dakota Industry Professional

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