Why Machinery Scope


 Our Mission:

To protect your farm equipment investments

Machinery Scope is a leader in the ag equipment industry that is providing incredible value to the way people buy, sell, and manage their farm equipment. Machinery Scope offers inspections, extended warranty plans, and appraisals to make sure your investments are protected at all times.

Machinery Scope is filling in emerging gaps in the equipment industry. We have experience in the industry and have witnessed several changes:

  1. Online equipment purchases are more prevalent than ever. If you are selling good equipment, let an inspection report tell the story. This is the best way to help you maximize your returns. If you are buying equipment, it is a buyer beware market. There are some great buys to be had, but you better know what you are getting. Ask for an inspection report and back it up with an extended warranty plan!
  2. Equipment is more complicated than ever. Farmers are more business minded than ever before, so don’t take a chance. Let an industry expert inspect the equipment, provide a detailed report, and back it up with a protection plan.
  3. The cost of equipment repairs are astronomical. We will protect you from high risk situations.  Let us protect your investment with an extended warranty plan, regardless of make or model. We cover more farm equipment than anyone in the industry.
  4. Lenders do not like risk. And there is a lot of it in the farming industry. Don’t be a victim. Know and protect your equipment investments.
  5. Lenders, accountants, farm retirement planners, estate settlements, etc. need to be able to put a value on equipment.  Farm equipment values are volatile and complicated. It is important to have someone versed and competent in the equipment. Machinery Scope offers certified appraisers to perform appraisals on all ag equipment.
Most importantly, Machinery Scope is a third party non-biased business that is built on our reputation. We will have honesty and integrity in everything we do. That is the only way we will do business, and that is how we can help add value and peace of mind with your equipment! Be sure to contact your Machinery Scope account manager about our services, rates, and availability.  We are eager to serve you.  Your satisfaction is only the beginning.  We won’t be happy until you are telling your family and friends about Machinery Scope!