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When a Machinery Scope Extended Warranty and/or a Machinery Scope Unbiased Inspection Report is added to an equipment listing title, it can make your listing jump off the screen.

A listing with one or both of these services in the title will stand out because it provides a feature/service that none of your competitors can provide. In this post, we will take a closer look at the value a third party inspection can add to your listing. We will also touch briefly on combining the two services and follow up with the idea of targeting the producers that are best for the long-term success of your operation.


Advertising With Advanced Inspection

Online advertising instantly broadens the number of people looking at your equipment. At the exact same time, you pit your listing in direct competition with dealerships and independent owners all over the country.

So why should someone pay attention to your listing and ultimately purchase your unit over the one posted above it or below it?

A Machinery Scope Inspection instantly adds value to the purchaser. Why? Because it eliminates the need for them to be an expert on the equipment, and reduces the need to travel in some cases hundreds or even thousands of miles to get a reliable unbiased opinion on the condition of the machine.

By providing an inspection report upfront, it shows the sellers confidence in the quality of the equipment. The buyer no longer has to just take the seller’s word for it. They can buy with confidence knowing that a professional with no stake in the purchasing process has given the unit a thorough inspection. A third party inspection lowers the defenses and eliminates the skepticism that comes with buying used equipment.

Inspections are also a risk management tool. Knowing up front the issues with a machine allows the buyer to assess the true value of the equipment and budget accordingly for upcoming repairs, the seller by making known up front the condition of the unit protects himself from the buyer coming back with an unknown issue that they expect the seller to pay for.

Machinery Scope Inspectors are trained technicians who have at minimum 5 years of experience as a service tech. Each has unique backgrounds and experience with different types of equipment from various manufactures. They work together to give you the best inspection report at the greatest value!

For example, if you are a red dealer and you have green equipment, we can send our experienced green service tech out to evaluate the equipment and look for the critical issues inherent to a green piece of equipment. This eliminates guesswork and prevents selling equipment with issues that could cause major damage down the road; damages your buyer may come back expecting you to fix on your dime.

This also eliminates concerns the potential purchaser has buying green from a red dealer or red from green dealer.

The greatest value that a third party inspection provides is the trust that is established between the buyer and the seller. It instantly delivers a stable basis for a deal to be struck. Both sides come to the bargaining table with all the facts laid out before them.

Our inspections easily pay for themselves in the amount of negotiating power they provide and the trust they establish with the customer. Plus they are so reasonably priced, that it makes the decision a no-brainer!


Using both Warranty and Inspections to advertise

When warranties and inspections are combined for advertising purposes, you give the impression that you have nothing to hide and you stand behind the equipment you are selling.

When advertising with MS Services, combining them can also give you the best possible value. See our MS Advantage Plan and MS Service Solution for more details!


Why Including a Warranty and Inspection targets the customers you want!

The customer you are after is the savvy producer, who understands business and his operation. The producer you are after will take advantage of all of your services because he or she sees real value in them.

In today’s market, money is not being made on selling used equipment. It is made on services consumed after the unit has found its home.

The Savvy producer is the one you are really trying to reach and they are looking for so much more then just a low price. While price is important, peace of mind, limiting risk, and fixing cost are weighed just as heavy in the decision making process.

Whether you are interested in using inspections, warranties, or both to help advertise your equipment, be sure to contact us. Use our convenient online form on our website, or call 701-793-4005 to get a hold of us directly.

If you missed Part I, be sure to take a look back at how to market effectively using an extended warranty.