Machinery Scope & IronConnect Team Up To Build On Their Dealer Solutions.



ALEXANDRIA, MN—(April 16, 2018) – Machinery Scope, LLC, a provider of agriculture extended warranty solutions, appraisals, and inspections is excited to partner with IronConnect, LLC, a private wholesale  dealer to dealer network to bring dealers across North America a portfolio of solutions with exceptional customer service.

Over the past five years, Machinery Scope and IronConnect have delivered innovative and successful solutions addressing the needs of agricultural and construction dealers.  These solutions have provided options to help dealers across North America create and maintain a healthy marketplace, better position their inventory for success and protect the dealer and their customers’ financial interests.

Founder of Machinery Scope, Jacob Bryce, had this to say about the partnership: “The Machinery Scope team has worked very hard to bring our ideas and solutions to the marketplace. The partnership with IronConnect will help us to deliver our current portfolio of solutions to the marketplace with a stronger presence as well as build out future dealer and industry solutions with a constant and steadfast commitment to the best possible customer service.”

Machinery Scope and IronConnect are excited to continue building common-sense solutions, with an emphasis on superior customer service to help dealers across North America.  Combined, the companies bring a large, educated sales force along with expertise from individuals with extensive experience and backgrounds in farming, dealership, manufacturer and IT backgrounds.  Together, they feel strongly they can achieve their goal of providing expansive dealer solutions while maintaining superior customer service.  Machinery Scope and IronConnect strive to build straightforward programs that are simple for dealerships to implement and market.

A.J. Neifert, one of the founders of IronConnect, had this to say about the partnership: “We are excited about the additional solutions this brings our customers as we talk with them about their inventory management processes.  With the products Machinery Scope brings to the table we are able to take those discussions one step further.  Traditionally we had been able to help our customers strictly on the wholesale market; now we can help in making some of those units more marketable on the retail front as well.  We know retail is always the first option for any dealer so if we can assist in making those more attractive to the end user by putting extended warranty on a machine, while at the same time providing solutions that will help drive revenue to the parts and services lines of the dealership, those are things we are excited about and think this is a win-win for our customers.  We believe this partnership will allow our customers even more options when looking at their used inventory and the means in which they try to move those units. “

About Machinery Scope

Machinery Scope was founded in 2013, by Jacob Bryce, with the goal of improving the way people bought, sold, and managed their farm equipment.  Machinery Scope takes great pride in customer service and is committed to maintaining its reputation as an honest and unbiased provider of extended warranty solutions, appraisals, and inspections.

Machinery scope is an independent and non-biased business built on our reputation of premier risk management tools for farm equipment. We provide timely, personalized, and flexible solutions to protect more farm equipment investments than anyone in the industry.  This is how we add value and peace of mind when buying, selling, or managing your farm equipment.  We mitigate the risk associated with these investments by offering extended warranty solutions through AgGuard. Additionally, Machinery Scope offers third party inspection reports, and professional equipment appraisal services.  Machinery Scope offers these services to dealers, industry professionals, auction companies, and more.

To learn more about Machinery Scope, visit us on our website at www.MachineryScope.com.

About Iron Connect

IronConnect is a private dealer’s only marketplace, where every Agriculture and Construction dealer in North America can come together to sell, source, or trade equipment and parts.  IronConnect has taken every dealer who is in the business of buying and selling, regardless of brand affiliation, and put them on one central, password-protected platform.  By doing so, we are able to bring data and options to the forefront to help you make the most informed decision regarding each unit in your inventory management process.

To learn more about IronConnect, visit us on our website at www.IronConnect.com.