A new tractor family

By Willie Vogt, Farm Industry News

It’s obvious the new Challenger 1000 is a whole-new tractor compared to its siblings. The Fendt-built machines are designed for the North American market, which means no front PTO. Power for these new machines comes from a MAN 12.7 liter engine that offers plenty of torque across a wide operating range (more on that later). There are four models in the new line ranging from 396 to 517 hp.


These are fixed-frame four-wheel drive machines that Agco says combine the power of a small-frame four-wheel drive articulated machine with the flexibility, speed and lighter weight of a fixed frame row crop tractor. Click on to learn more about these machines.


This is a special New Product Monday with a first look at a new tractor series from Agco – the Challenger 1000. Farm Progress Show will be first place farmers can get up close and personal with this new machine, you get an early look in this gallery. Farm Industry News and the Penton Agriculture Team got an exclusive first look at the latest machine from Agco.

What follows in this gallery is in-depth information about the new machine, the features it offers and the performance possible with this totally new approach to tractor power. Josh Keeney, tactical marketing manager, Agco, shared with Farm Industry News that this is an entirely new class of tractor.

So check out the slides to learn more about the innovative new machine. Oh and the video below is a quick peek of the machine running a little faster.

12-weight-system-no-more-suitcase-weights 11-in-cab-engine-filter-coolant-reservoir-check-2000 10-ground-level-fill-points 9-led-lighting-2000 5-easy-engine-access-2000 8-hydraulic-connection-flat-couplers-2000 4-comfort-seat-detail-2000 7-hydraulic-fan-20001-challenger-1000-family-main-promo-2000 3-challenger-1000-console-2000 3-b-cab-interior 6-low-speed-high-torque-engine-2000