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Farm Equipment Appraisal

A farm equipment appraisal is an estimate of your farm equipment value. Used farm equipment values change over time and our accredited American Society of Farm Equipment Appraisers know the marketplace. Get a farm equipment appraisal today!

What is a farm equipment appraisal?

A farm equipment appraisal is an estimate of farm equipment value based on a detailed, accurate assessment by an accredited professional with real-world industry experience.

Who should know their farm equipment value?

Knowing new and old farm equipment value through an ag equipment appraisal is important information for farm owners & managers, and farm equipment dealers. Attorneys, estate & retirement planners and administrators, lenders, insurance companies, accountants & tax planners also rely on accurate farm equipment value through appraisals.

Why perform a farm equipment appraisal?

An agricultural equipment appraisal is often requested for tax assessments, farm equipment investment decisions, estate/trust/retirement planning, farm business reorganization, and divorce settlements. So essentially, if you own ag equipment, it will likely be a service you will need to have at some point.

Common types of ag equipment appraisals

There are several types of farm machinery appraisals we do:

  • Tractor Appraisal
  • Antique Farm Equipment Appraisal
  • Balers Appraisal
  • Combines Appraisal
  • Loaders Appraisal
  • Harvesters Appraisal
  • Sprayers & Spreaders Appraisal
  • Planters Appraisal
  • Trucks Appraisal
  • Trailers Appraisal
  • Backhoes Appraisal
  • Forklifts & Other Construction Equipment Appraisals
  • Contact us with your appraisal request!

Types of equipment appraisals

Machinery Scope offers two different types of farm equipment appraisals depending on what your needs require.

Desktop Farm Equipment Appraisal

To make decisions throughout the year or to use as an assessment tool to determine the net worth of your operation year to year, a desktop equipment appraisal is a great option.

We can do a farm equipment appraisal based on industry standards and trends in the equipment marketplace without ever being onsite with the equipment. A desktop farm equipment appraisal is quick, easy, and a cost-effective way to get a non-biased value on your equipment.

Simply download our Farm Equipment Appraisal Guide, add your equipment information, and email it to It is a quick guide with instructions. (instructions also included on the worksheet).

One of our MN-based employees will get started on your desktop farm equipment appraisal and contact you within 1 business day. For any questions, please call 877-694-1138.

On-Site Farm Equipment Appraisal

The on-site appraisal is a more detailed & accurate way to determine used farm equipment value. Since no two pieces of used farm equipment values are the same, our farm equipment appraiser will travel to the equipment site to perform an assessment for an accurate determination of the farm equipment value. 

Our farm equipment appraiser will provide a professionally prepared and bound report that includes an explanation of the type of valuation approach utilize, the intended use of the appraisal, equipment descriptions, appraised value of each piece of equipment, comparable farm equipment used for valuation, and colored photos of the farm equipment. 

Here’s a sample of our on-site agricultural equipment appraisal.

Why you can trust Machinery Scope Appraisers

Trust in your farm equipment appraiser should be a major factor in choosing a professional to complete an ag equipment appraisal for you. Machinery Scope Appraisers are accredited members of the American Society of Farm Equipment Appraisers (ASAA) and follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

American Society of Farm Equipment Appraisers

The American Society of Farm Equipment Appraisers was founded in 1984. The ASAA’s mission is to educate and provide support to ASAA’s members to ensure they are providing the public with qualified and ethical appraisals for their farm equipment. All of our appraisers are ASAA accredited!

Machinery Scope Appraisers

In addition to continuing our education with the ASAA, Machinery Scope Appraisers have over 30 years of experience, appraising over 25,000 pieces of farm equipment. We are deeply involved in the nuances of farm equipment and the complexity of the marketplace, continually tracking & analyzing the farm equipment value marketplace. Contact us today for your farm equipment appraisal needs!

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Machinery Scope has become a major resource for me on how I buy, sell, and manage my farm equipment. They have integrity in everything they do, their word is good, and what they tell you is how it is and they will make sure it will happen that way. Their vast knowledge of machinery has helped me make better decisions and improve the return on investment of my farm equipment.


Minnesota Farmer

Machinery Scope wants to help farmers and the ag industry alike by offering common sense solutions to help minimize the risk associated with ag equipment investments


South Dakota Dealer

Machinery Scope has been a great resource for us and the farmers that we work with. They are detailed, timely, and know their way around farm equipment quite well.


North Dakota Industry Professional

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