The Powertrain group includes the following components which produce, transmit or control engine horsepower for

propelling the machine:

  • Core engine (except hang-on attachments), Engine flywheel.
  • Engine lubrication system (except oil and oil filter)
  • Engine electronic control modules & sensors* (e.g., electronic control module – ECM)
  • Turbo air induction & exhaust system (except muffler, hoses/tubes, exhaust stack & air filters).
  • Engine water pump and water temperature regulator.
  • Fuel injection components* (Injectors are limited to factory defects under 2000 engine hours but not covered for failure due to normal wear).
  • Engine drive-line coupler, drive-line shafts, U-joints, transfer gears & differential.
  • Transmission, transmission oil pumps, valves, controls & sensors.
  • Final drives, mechanical drive axles (Factory installed) and non-powered axles (Except Auto-steer & suspension systems). Hydraulic components for rear wheel assist are covered under “HYDRAULICS” coverage.
  • Hydro propel pumps, motors, controls, sensors & metal lines (Pumps and motors for Hydro-powered threshing cylinders on combines are not covered–they are considered part of Hydraulic System)
  • Powertrain coverage includes the Engine power supply to the mechanical thrashing cylinder/rotor. Powertrain coverage stops at the end of the output shaft of the final gearbox/hydraulic motor that drives the trashing cylinder/rotor.
  • Combine Reverser unit (limited to the unit and its internal components only)
  • Power take off (PTO) components, contained within the axle casting.
  • Electronic clutch on commercial mowers.

General Items COVERED by all Categories:

  1. WE will pay for replacement of necessary fluids, oils, greases, lubricants and approved A/C gases that must be replaced in conjunction with a covered repair. THIS COVERAGE DOES NOT APPLY TO SHOP SUPPLIES.
  2. WE will pay for reasonable, necessary and customary diagnostic charges incurred in conjunction with a covered repair, not to exceed the labor time listed in a nationally recognized parts and labor guide.
    1. Diagnostic time will not be paid when the needed repair is readily apparent to the normal senses of sight, touch, smell and/or sound.
    2. Diagnostic costs that will exceed $500 must be pre-approved by the Administrator.
  3. RELATED DAMAGE COVERAGE: WE will pay for the replacement of brake pads, belts and hoses that are damaged and require replacement as a direct result of a covered Mechanical Breakdown, providing more than 50% of life of the part, existed at the time of failure.

Hand out updated WOSS1-3-18