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In todays Ag equipment marketplace there are more acronyms for programs, plans, and parts than we could ever remember and keep track of. Besides not knowing what these acronyms stand for, often times relevant detailed explanations and critical information on how they work are hard to find or non-existent. Machinery Scope is focused on keeping you up to date on trends in the machinery world, especially those that pertain to extended warranty and equipment inspections.

Two of the acronyms recently making a splash in the industry are CPO and PPP. Both have been popping up more and more in dealer and manufacturer literature with every passing day. Salesmen commonly address CPO and PPP in the same breath when talking options on used equipment. Though they are often used together, they are not the same program. So what do they stand for, and how can they help? In this post we will take a close look at these services and address how they can benefit your farming operation.

CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned. For years the car industry has been offering Certified programs for used cars, but it has not been until recently that CPO programs have found their way into the mainstream of Agriculture equipment. Most major manufacturers now offer a CPO program.

Though CPO programs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, they all follow the same basic qualification process. In order for used equipment to qualify as certified, it has to pass inspection by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) dealer. Any repairs and scheduled maintenance that is recommended has to be completed. Once qualified as Certified Pre-Owned, dealerships are able to differentiate that piece of equipment and often times will be able to offer an Extended Warranty on equipment that is outside of the manufacturers standard base warranty.

Having certified programs on equipment is a valuable tool, and buying certified can save you all sorts of future headaches. The uncertainty of buying used equipment is often eliminated by knowing that it has been inspected by qualified service techs, and that all necessary repairs have been completed before you take it off the lot.

If a warranty is included with the completion of the Certified Pre-Owned process, it is most likely a one-year warranty. These can range in coverage from powertrain only to a comprehensive package that covers everything from the ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) to the FOPS (Falling Object Protection System). To find out if a warranty is included on your CPO equipment, follow the links provided below.


New Holland

John Deere

Agco (Massey Ferguson, Gleaner, Challenger, Fendt, RoGator

CPO programs typically cost dealers a fair amount up front to enroll, and requires a bit of planning and forecasting. If a dealer wants to enroll the equipment in a CPO program, it typically takes several weeks of turn around (doing the inspection, submitting fluids for analysis, etc.) After a unit has been approved, it typically is used as a marketing tool for differentiating the equipment from the plethora of rival equipment listings.

Another limitation of a CPO program is that it is only available on late model equipment. So, if you are looking for a 2005 combine to be Certified Pre-Owned, you are not going to find one. That is where Machinery Scope can help. We have our own service techs that will inspect equipment no matter where it sits, and the age of the equipment does not matter. We can offer you the same peace of mind that you get from an inspection and can even offer you a warranty on equipment up to 10 years old and 5000 engine hours.

CPO programs take time to “get answers,” and can delay the purchase of an implement waiting for results. Machinery Scope’s inspection service has technicians that can perform an inspection and give you answers on the spot. No waiting, planning, or forecasting. If you are interested in buying the equipment, or working with a prospective buyer, our services are a great tool to give the same peace of mind you get from a CPO Program on a more timely basis. And because timing is everything, Machinery Scope has a growing number of partner dealers that have been approved to perform these inspections to give on the spot answers. Don’t wait for the answers. Get them on a timeline that makes sense.


Lets switch gears and talk PPP (Purchased Protection Plans). PPP is a branding of what the ag industry previously referred to as “Extended Service Plans” or what most people would call an “Extended Warranty.”

PPP is the opportunity to purchase coverage for equipment past what the manufacturers base warranty period provides. Most equipment in today’s market place has a base warranty of 2 years and 2,000 engine hours (though this depend on the type of equipment and does vary quite a bit from company to company). When you buy a new piece of equipment, the base warranty goes into effect on the day you purchase it and is effective till the 2 years is up or you exceed the 2,000 hour threshold, whichever comes first.

At the time of purchase (right about the same time when you are choosing your lighting package and cab options) you will also be presented with PPP options for your new combine, tractor, etc… You will be given the option to add up to three additional years of new coverage to the base warranty giving you 60 total months of protection, and for a premium, additional hours can be added as well. PPP can often be financed right into your loan, and it increases the resale value of your equipment.

The best value on PPP is when it is purchased on “new” equipment. This is also the only period of time that customers are allowed to extend comprehensive (platform) coverage on the entire machine. Coverage becomes more expensive as the equipment gets older. Some manufacturers will even charge a premium if it is not purchased at the time of sale.

Once the equipment is off of the dealer lot, it becomes even more difficult to add a warranty to the equipment. Before Machinery Scope, it was nearly impossible and extremely expensive to do so. Machinery Scope gives you the opportunity to put a PPP on equipment that the manufacturer won’t cover through their PPP programs and also equipment that is not on their lot.

We work with dealers all over the country to provide you with options to put PPP’s on equipment that are either too old or have too many hours on them to be considered for the manufacturers’ PPP programs. If you do not know if you have a local dealership that is providing Machinery Scope Purchased Protection Plans, feel free to contact us directly. If there is a dealer in your area we will put you in touch with them. If you think that your local dealer should know about Machinery Scope, please pass our information on to them!


New Holland PPP

John Deere PPP

Agco (Massey Ferguson, Gleaner, Challenger, Fendt, RoGator) is in the process of changing their PPP program; there are no direct websites that I can link to at this time.

If you know your options, CPO and PPP can be great weapons in your arsenal in fighting risk!