5 Reasons To Offer a Tractor Extended Service Plan

1) Risk Mitigation

Don’t stress over the cost of a major mechanical failure for you or your customer.

2) Resale Value

Reduce objections and help support the value you are asking for by including an extended warranty, including competitive trades.

3) Margin Opportunity

All of our plans present an opportunity for additional margin for your dealership. Most dealers will sell our plans with a 20% margin.

4) Induced Trade Cycle

Customers state that one of their criteria for purchasing or updating equipment is an extended warranty. When coverage is about to expire, it’s a great reason to have an extra touch point with your customer about trading again.

5) Equipment Availability

Our plans cover dealer and customer-owned equipment. When equipment is delayed from the factory or unavailable and the equipment needs to be run longer than anticipated, protect your dealer and your customer with some coverage.