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Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

There is an unacceptable information gap that is occurring in many transactions of ag equipment, which leads to a confusing and complex marketplace. Machinery Scope answers many of the issues occurring in ag equipment sales:

  1. Farmers are more business minded and can have difficulty understanding and/or assessing the complexity of the equipment.
  2. The internet drives more equipment sales than ever before. Many times buyers cannot or will not be able to evaluate a piece of machinery themselves prior to buying.
  3. Equipment buyers cannot afford the risk that is associated with purchasing suspect equipment because repairs of the equipment have gotten substantially more expensive.
  4. Lenders want to have peace of mind and the knowledge that their clients have the information to be able to make a quality investment.
  5. Equipment sellers including dealers, auction companies, and private sellers lack the desire and/or the resources to inspect their own equipment. A conflict of interest also exists when doing their own inspection reports.

It is difficult to differentiate between quality equipment that is simply getting liquidated and equipment that is used and wore out. Both are selling are at huge discounts. Let Machinery Scope’s inspection reports tell the story. That way buyers can limit their risk and sellers can get more return for their equipment. It is a win-win proposition.

Sellers: Get what you deserve. Consider including an advanced inspection of your equipment to increase the confidence of the buyers in the quality of your equipment.

Buyers: As equipment becomes much more advanced and complicated, put your trust in an advanced inspection report. The equipment will be thoroughly inspected by experienced field service technicians. We will run the equipment, remove covers and shields, do a field test on the fluids, and more. Our Machinery Scope advanced inspectors will document all of our findings in our easy to read advanced inspection report.

Machinery Scope performs both basic and advanced inspection reports to meet your needs.


Basic Inspection

Interested in a piece of equipment? No time to travel and look at it? We can do it for you.

Basic inspections will verify the integrity of the equipment through visual inspections, taking pictures, verifying make, model, and serial number, and more.

Inexpensive way to ensure the equipment you are considering is indeed what it claims to be.


Advanced Inspection

Advanced inspections will be performed by individuals with a minimum of 5 years of experience as service technicians or equivalent industry experiences.

Allow us to take the risk out of buying. Advanced inspections will increase the confidence of the buyer by knowing the machinery has been inspected by highly qualified professionals.

Equipment will be run, covers and shields will be lifted, and a thorough report will be made.

Equipment can qualify for an extended warranty plan.

Machinery Scope is working to close the information gap that has divided buyers and sellers, increase the confidence of all parties involved, and ensure that all parties are satisfied with the end product.

Please take a look at an example of an advanced inspection report.

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