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Combine Tips From Machinery Scope Inspector Scott Hasty, Plus Quotes 

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MS Inspection Report = Positive Purchasing Experience!

Advertising your equipment on an online website, like Tractor House, or Fastline, is a great way to expand your potential customer base. At the same time listing equipment online has created a market flooded with equipment of similar quality and similar features, making it difficult for your unit […]

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A Unique Way to Buy and Sell Used Equipment!

Machinery Scope has partnered with Equipment Live to promote transparency and integrity to their auction. Auction will take place December 12th from 10am – Noon (central time) with internet bidding and live TV broadcast with phone bidding on RFD TV. Many pieces of equipment have an inspection […]

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The Background to the Machinery Scope Service Solution

Today’s ag economy has its challenges, but there is some good that can come of it too. Challenges force dealers and industry professional to reevaluate the services they provide to maximize value delivered to the customer. The right preventative maintenance program gives dealers an opportunity to deliver […]

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Increased Transparency, Reduced Frustrations

Two years ago Machinery Scope set out to change the way that equipment transactions take place. Through many successes and challenges we have learned where we fit in to the Ag machinery marketplace. Our purpose is exemplified in an upcoming auction where we have partnered with, […]

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Targeting Customers for Long-Term Dealership Success, Part 2

  When a Machinery Scope Extended Warranty and/or a Machinery Scope Unbiased Inspection Report is added to an equipment listing title, it can make your listing jump off the screen. A listing with one or both of these services in the title will stand out because it […]

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Epic Breakdown Contest Winner!

A few months back Machinery Scope sponsored a Facebook contest to hear stories about how your tractor or combine failed shortly after it was purchased. We received some amazing stories, and after a long deliberation we chose the below story as our winner. “I had just bought a […]

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In todays Ag equipment marketplace there are more acronyms for programs, plans, and parts than we could ever remember and keep track of. Besides not knowing what these acronyms stand for, often times relevant detailed explanations and critical information on how they work are hard to find […]

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What Is Risk, & Why Do We Take It? (Part 2)

  Now that we have discussed what risk and how to manage it, let’s take a closer look at industry trends and a few examples of tools available to producers to mitigate risk. Risk and Industry Trends The Ag industry generally strives to reduce risk. However, there […]

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What Is Risk, & Why Do We Take It? (Part 1)

This two part series we will explore the fundamentals of risk management, starting with what risk is and the ways we manage it. Following that will be our second post on industry trends, methods, and tools that are in place to mitigate that risk. Risk When we contemplate risk, we often […]

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