Protecting your equipment investments
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  • Adding peace of mind to the way you buy, sell, and manage your farm equipment!

  • Adding peace of mind to the way you buy, sell, and manage your farm equipment!

  • Adding peace of mind to the way you buy, sell, and manage your farm equipment!

Who We Are

Machinery Scope is an independent and non-biased business built on our reputation of premier risk management tools for farm equipment. We provide timely, personalized, and flexible solutions to protect more farm equipment investments than anyone in the industry. That is how we will add value and peace of mind when you are buying, selling, or managing your farm equipment. We mitigate the risk by offering extended warranty plans, inspection reports, and professional equipment appraisal services. Machinery Scope offers our services to farmers, dealers, auction companies, industry professionals, and more.


Inspection Reports

Sellers – Are you selling quality equipment and you want to prove that with an inspection report? And back it up with the ability for a buyer to purchase extended warranty? Contact us!

Buyers – Do you have your eye on a piece of equipment, but want to make sure that it is the quality that you are looking for? Are you unable to travel to look at the equipment yourself? Do you want to have 100% piece of mind with an extended warranty plan? Demand an inspection from Machinery Scope. Contact us!

Equipment Appraisals

The ability to change and adapt as challenges and life events happen is critical to the successful management of any farming operation. That is why Machinery Scope offers professional equipment appraisals for estate planning, retirement planning, business reorganization, divorce settlement, debt reorganization, farm management purposes, and more. We offer timely services tailored specifically to your needs completed with multiple copies of our professional report as prepared by an experienced appraiser. You have incredible challenges as farm management becomes more sophisticated. Be prepared with a professional appraisal from Machinery Scope.


Extended Warranty Plan

Are you tired of the outrageous cost of equipment repairs challenging your bottom line? We offer extended service plans on farm equipment outside of the manufacturer's base warranty. We offers these products direct to the farmer or through one of our numerous dealers offering our products and services. We are proud that our products can help you know your bottom line and limit your repair costs!


Protect your farm equipment investments!

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